We help entrepreneurs

build successful companies

Venture Securities is a private company for angel investments. We've been around since 1984 and have completed some 80 investments and 60 exits, most of them successful. We have some very specific criteria for our investments:

  • The company develops a digital service with a SaaS model or platform/market place
  • The company has some paying customers
  • The company was started by at least two founders
  • The founders are hungry entrepreneurs with good knowledge and they like to sell
  • The company needs a maximum of 5-10 MSEK in a first round and this money should be enough to take the company to the next level
  • The pre-money valuation is maximum 25-30 MSEK in the first round
  • Other reputable angels are willing to invest together with us
  • For practical reasons the company HQ should be located in Stockholm as we like to be close to the entrepreneurs

If you have a company that fits most of these criteria you are welcome to send a short presentation to lars.lindgren@venture-securities.se